Should I cancel my (25F) date with him (28M) cause I’m feeling burned out on dating?


Feeling a little blue and looking for some outside perspective.

So last week I had a first date with a guy I met online. He was nice enough, we had a lot in common, but just didn’t feel a romantic connection. However, he actually took the time to call and ask me out on a second date the next day. Thought it was sweet and I’ve been feeling burnt out on dating recently so maybe a second date would go better, especially after the holiday stress being over.

Now though, the day before our second date, I’m dreading going. He’s a nice guy and texts daily, asking how my day is and saying how he can’t wait to see me but I’m just not excited to see him. The date he has planned is a long one to so I think that’s partly what’s causing me to pause and I feel like I’ve gone on other long dates with other guys but didn’t dread them cause I felt a spark, so why is this one different.

For some context of my dating life, I had one long-term relationship right out of high school that ended at the end of college. Didn’t date during graduate school and now have been dating, almost exclusively online dates, for the last 18ish months. Had one short-term boyfriend during that time and a few guys who lasted a month or two, but nothing has stuck. At this point I’ve gone on an average of one first date a month and I’m just feeling tired. Compounding things towards this kind of low point lately is that last month I was seeing a guy I really liked and he seemed to feel the same, but after a month of dating he ghosted.

I know that right now I’m burned out and should just take some time for me, and that’s the way my gut is leaning towards. However, I do have a second date still planned for tomorrow with this new guy. Should I give him a chance? Or give dating a rest for a bit?

tl;dr: Didn’t feel any ‘sparks’ with nice guy on first date but agreed to second. However, dreading the second date and just feeling burnt out on dating in general? Go or not go?

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